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Three Things Insurance Companies Won’t Tell You After a Car Accident

Accidents are always stressful. Even when there are no serious injuries, dealing with the aftermath of car repairs, insurance claims, and potential legal issues can be a headache. After a severe car accident, drivers should consider hiring an experienced personal injury attorney to deal with insurance companies and, if necessary, help recover damages.

Insurance Companies Record Conversations

When people call the insurance company of the party responsible for an accident, they are often being recorded. The insurance company gets consent by claiming that the recordings are only for training purposes. However, these recordings can be used to establish inconsistencies in people’s stories so that insurance companies can deny their claims.

Insurance Companies Don’t Make Their Profits on Premiums

Most people assume that the premiums people pay for their policies are how insurers make their money. However, most large insurance companies generate the bulk of their revenue by taking the money they collect from customers’ premiums and investing in portfolios of stocks, bonds, real estate, and other assets. Meaning that if they are forced to pay for a settlement, they are losing out on not just the principal sum but also the proceeds they could have made by investing those funds, which gives them an incentive to delay settling claims for as long as possible.

Insurance Companies Don’t Want to go to Court

Insurance companies may act nonchalant about the prospect of going to court, but this is mostly posturing. Though they will try to draw out the process, it is far more advantageous for an insurer to settle and avoid the expense of litigation if a claimant has a strong case. An experienced personal injury attorney can help evaluate a claim and negotiate with an insurance company.

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