Automobile Accident Left Hand Turn

Question: I was driving my boyfriend's car which is currently uninsured, I was at an intersection and had a green light, as I'm making my left turn a driver at another point of the intersection that had a green light started to go straight. when I noticed he was coming towards the car I immediately braked and came to a complete stop. The driver somehow didn't stop in time an collided with the passenger side of the front bumper. Am I at fault.

Answer: In RI whenever you enter another lane of travel you must ensure the roadway is clear. With most left-hand turn accidents, if an accident occurs it is presumed you are at fault. This is not to say you can’t argue the point, for example, the other party had the last clear chance to avoid the accident. In fact, in RI you can request the matter be arbitrated if it is less than $50,000 in damages.